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  • Website Creation

    Being present on the web has become, to present a real challenge to companies, for visibility, credibility, reputation; but also to showcase for sales and therefore to close deals. Doing it without the required knowledge may not, in any case, have a long-term positive impact. Our team offers a web design service to suit all budgets. We will evaluate your needs and objectives, to guarantee the most relevant website possible as much for you as for your target audience. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

  • Design

    Our creative team offers to you ingenious solutions adapted to your business goals. In addition to web design, we are also specialists in mobile apps, landing pages, email, as well as creation of advertising models, either as a business card, poster or magazine. These different areas of specializations are a real asset and a guarantee of success for your project, which will be tempting and dynamic, with simple and effective navigation. Therefore, Borealie Communication has all the right formulas to make your project attractive, interesting and innovative, whether to future customers eyes, partners, and qualified visitors.

  • E-commerce Managment

    Running your shop cannot be done by itself, hence the essential recourse of a e-commerce management service. Therefore, Borealie has both a function of creating e-commerce websites, and a function to help you personalize and optimize your website based on your products and your expectations, which undoubtedly will enhance the sales of your business. With such service creation and e-commerce management, we can develop marketing strategies to expand the economic activities of your business on the web. Borealie Communication also supports multiple platforms such as Woo Commerce, Magento, Hybris, PrestaShop, Drupal Commerce and many others.

  • Mobiles & Tablets

    Borealie Communication is responsible for creating native mobile applications, which are smartphones or tablets applications that are designed specifically for the device. Native mobile applications are fast and reliable, allowing their use with or without Internet depending on the application, and may have access to various phone features.

    We support all technologies of the market, iOS, Android, Windows Phone to the new Ubuntu Touch. Borealie guarantees a customed creation of mobile applications and tablets with quality.

  • Social Media

    For a business, it is very advantageous and strongly recommended to be present on social networks, which are integral parts of our era.

    Whether for B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), for better development and better communication, social networks prove to be an excellent way to promote your products and services. Being on these is a continuous task, which is played on the long term. This requires time and extensive knowledge, to avoid discrediting and to improve your image, in order to create to yourself a reputation on the web. This requires knowledge of the keys for the proper use of social media on which you will have to be present, feeding the pages and discussions, answering questions and reviews, putting forward your company through various media such as the photo, image, sound, video or graphics.

    That is why Borealie Communication offers to companies a management service of these platforms. An intelligent management will contribute to an improved image of the company, as well as the community’s loyalty that will more and more increase the business visibility.

  • Increase Your Traffic

    According to statistics, nearly 80% of the population performs a web search before purchasing a product or service. From 18 to 34 years, the percentage would rise even up to 95%. No need for a long speech, the figures speak for themselves: so that your site becomes a sustainable investment, it is imperative that it is well positioned in the search engines. Imagine potential customers typing into Google the company name to get more information on it or on your products/services, and the link is not findable in the first search page. People will quit seeking and your business will literally have no existence to the public eye.

    That is why we are here to help you, through our tools and our analysis via SEO, natural references and organic, as well as advertising via Google Adwords, which is the biggest web advertising system, the most structured and best organized. We will maximize the visibility of your website by developing an effective strategy that will allow you to get new customers, but also to offer you a new image, a real life on the Internet.


  • Digital Strategy

    As a web agency, we offer our customers a combination of our various services in order to offer a solution for their Internet presence. Know that your website tends at all times to the major objectives which are nothing other than a significant improvement of your image, customer satisfaction as well as his loyalty, besides an increase in sales and in reputation. Our digital strategies are made in order to meet the overall vision of the company, we make multichannel acquisitions.

  • Videos

    For some customers, the video is the key to success of their marketing plan. Therefore, Borealie offers this service, which is characterized by a custom creation of videos according to your budget, your needs, your preferences and depending on the products or services you offer. Posted on YouTube and on social media, the video that we will customize for you with care and professionalism, will have the purpose you’re looking for. Whether it is a marketing campaign or an advertisement, we remain open to your desires and to your needs.

  • Security Audit

    A website that has not made a security check cannot survive against pirates. Therefore Borealie offers this service to prevent you from theft of sensitive data that are accommodated and to implement professional ways to increase your reputation. The security audit service is essential to avoid the risk of being hacked. It will also allow you to have direct benefits for your business, including the preservation and enhancement of the image of your website, which will inevitably generate a gain of trust to your present and future customers. Once your data fully protected, any stress facing piracy will disappear, which will make your site a real reference website.

  • Formations

    You are new in the field, and want to learn more about the right steps it takes to become a market leader, to enhance your image or your company. We are here to provide you training that will allow you to challenge yourself and to become a professional who will face any test, which will bend the competition, without anyone's help. Through our training, your business strategies will be from now on nothing more but a breeze for you. Your success is our success. List of training to come.